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Paul Bright of  Reel Value, who specialises in supplying replacement stainless or ceramic bearings for your favourite fishing reels, recently contacted me, to tell you all about the latest products.

You will recall stories of the nose of the Space Shuttle being coated with ceramic tiles to prevent heat damage on re-entry to our atmosphere.  Well, there's a spin-off which has now made its way into fishing reels.

Ceramics are incredibly hard and dissipate heat very effectively.

Where is the most likely source of heat in a modern fishing reel?  What needs to be absolutely precise and low friction to enable the spool to rotate freely?  Yes, you already knew the answer, the spool bearings.


Sensibly priced "Ceramic" reel bearings are now available from Paul Bright at “Reel Value”, a reel servicing business based locally in Newton Abbot.

I obtained sets for my own Abu “Mag Elite” beach reels and my Penn “525 Mag”.  They really are simplicity to fit at home.

Exploded view
showing extremely
smooth & durable
black ceramic
ball bearings

You remove the spool and then carefully release the circlips which retain the existing two bearings in position on the spool spindle.  You take off the steel bearings and substitute them with the replacement ceramic bearings.  You should lightly lubricate the new ceramics with a couple of light spots of “Red” or “Yellow” Rocket Fuel bearing oil, or, for general sea angling use by lesser mortals, you can use “3 – in – 1” oil, which is freely available at most retail outlets.

I found the reassembled reels took several casts for the bearings to “run in”, but once they had bedded down, they gave noticeably improved smoothness and quieter running.  They should last longer and require reduced maintenance, minimising the rusting sludge you sometimes see oozing from some old and unloved traditional bearings.

I can see that if I was a really long caster, they should add a few yards extra distance too, but I’m not, so I can’t confirm that!  They just worked really well and cast smoothly with no serious overruns on either reel.

My fishing pal Tim Bird has since bought a couple of pairs to replace the bronze bushes which are the original equipment on his Abu 7000 series boat reels.  You know the model - it’s the one with red anodised end plates.  They fitted really easily in the manner I have already described and are a significant improvement on the previous spindle bushes.

Stop Press – Reel Value can now also supply ceramics for the Daiwa 7HT reel at 17, and for the Shimano Speedstar reels - enquire for details.

You can visit Reel Value’s web site at where you will see a special offer on the cost of the replacement ceramic bearings.  Presently you can buy them for the Abu 6000 series at 16 - the Daiwa SL20SH for 17–– and the Penn 525 at 18, which is a significant saving over their previously advertised prices, or if you don’t have web access, you can contact Paul Bright via the Email and postal addresses below.

If you have any reservations regarding your ability to do this, Paul is offering a free fitting service, simply send in your reel and pay for the bearings - they will be fitted free of charge - of course this does not include the cost of return postage on your reel, which is 3.50.

So if you want to maximise your ability to cast further with your beachcaster, or just let your line run more freely when boat fishing, or even - heaven forbid - you noticed traces of brown rusty sludge around the old bearings in your reel, you know the modern answer ....

For more information, contact Paul Bright at ...

Reel Value
PO Box 133
Newton Abbot
TQ12 5XE


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