Chris Hoyle Marine
Lower Contour Road,
Kingswear, Dartmouth

Tel.: 01803 752221

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Yachts of Dartmouth
1 Mayors Avenue, Dartmouth
Tel.: 01803 833500

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Agents for "Orkney" boats
Beneteau Antares boats

Beneteau Antares 6


"Wayne's World"

Wayne Cramp, together with his wife Wendy, (we've collectively nicknamed them "W W dot") own what is undoubtedly the best restaurant in Dartmouth, R & B's Diner in Lower Street, only a few yards up the road from the Lower Ferry.

If you would like to sample Wayne's most enjoyable food and hospitality, you can book your table on 01803 832882.  Patsy and I thoroughly recommend it to you.  It won't cost you a fortune.

The size of your meal and his hand selected wines will tempt you back time and time again.



Reliable Local Marine Engine Servicing -

Many of you will already know Will Bower.

He is a member of Brixham SA.

Will was a Senior Marine Engineer at Darthaven Marina for a number of past years.

Will has recently set out on his own business in Marine Engineering Services.

I have known Will for many years as a good friend and angling companion.  I would certainly trust him to service my boat engine.

I wish him well in his new venture.

If you need his help you can contact Will via
07831 614542




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